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Jul 03, 2017 · Here are 4 myths about older women and sex that need to hit the road, immediately. Women who are 60 and older aren’t interested in sex anymore. Women are seen as having a sexual expiration date, only being attractive and available up until a certain point.

Do women want steamy sex or just a companionable cuddle? Bettina Arndt reveals what really gets women going. It was a fascinating sight; two older women chatting loudly in the doctor’s waiting room about the erotic best seller, Fifty Shades of Gray. Yet watching them it occurred to me there’s Author: Bettina Arndt.

Sex and aging are topics most older women do not want to talk about. The most obvious changes in a woman’s body as she ages come with menopause. During menopause, decreasing estrogen levels cause physical changes that may impact sexual function. Aging .