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Robert Mather: detective sergeant with the Bretton Police, in England • Theodore Terhune: young bookseller in a quiet little town in England • Richard Verrell, known as Blackshirt: self-educated foundling who becomes a respected mystery author, and burgles for the fun of it, in England.

Dec 12, 2015 · Set in Alsace, the northeastern French region of the Rhine River, wine experts and amateur detectives Benjamin Cooker and his assistant Virgile find themselves embroiled in solving another murder and dealing with suspicious wine growers all while traveling back and forth between Germany and France.4.4/5(29).

15 Best Things to Do in Auxerre (France) Auxerre Cathedral rivals any in northern France for the splendour of its portal sculptures and stained glass windows. in the 1790s when men from Auxerre who had joined the National Volunteers shared it with people from other regions of France. The statue in the Old Town was designed by François.