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LaTeX RaDiO is a collection of podcasts, often theme based, in the EBM, Gothic, Industrial, Ethereal, Trance, Darkwave, Ambient, Drum-n-Bass, Noise, Electronica, EDM.

Jan 28, 2017 · Great Mix of Music from TG Mondalf TG Mondalf of Latex Records spins a good mix of music, usually industrial and EBM, into his sets. His sets have been themed so far, and he picks a good selection of music for his theme, whether it be a monster-themed Halloween, a German-themed Ocktoberfest episode, or glooming it up for a Gothic episode.4.6/5(5).

The Must Love Fetish Podcast shines a light on real people living with mild to wild fetishes. This educational podcast hosted by professional online Dominatrix and fetish expert, SweetlySensual_Sara, features an interview style format to help better understand the psychology behind certain fetishes and what it is like to live with one.