Vaginal Bleeding Between Periods: Causes, Prevention & Diagnosis - colonosopy vaginal spotting


colonosopy vaginal spotting

Going for your first colonoscopy? This lets a doctor check your colon and rectum for cancer and polyps -- growths that can be early signs of cancer. It saves lives, so if your doctor suggests you.

Jun 22, 2012 · Had a colonoscopy on Wed. Since then, I have been bleeding vaginally and experiencing lower right leg pain and numbness. Went to ER and was sent home and told to follow up with gynecologist. I'm a little scared.

Spotting is light bleeding that can look like the start of your regular menstrual period but happens before or after your period. Although you may be worried about light vaginal bleeding between your monthly periods, there usually isn’t anything to worry about. Spotting looks like small dark brown.