- teleconsultation and videoconferencing for breast cancer


teleconsultation and videoconferencing for breast cancer

With expanding testing options in inherited cancer genetics, there is an increasing need to provide access to genetic providers and pretest counseling. Remote real-time videoconferencing is feasible, identifies genetic carriers in community practices, and is associated with high patient satisfaction and favorable cognitive and affective outcomes.Cited by: 23.

Through teleconsultation and videoconferencing, Mary is a 42 year old woman living in Happy Valley–Goose Bay, who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She has been informed that she must travel to St. John’s for her initial visit with an oncologist. Depending on the recommendations of the specialist, Mary may be able to have.

Mar 16, 2019 · For patients undergoing breast cancer surgery, the pre- and post-operative periods can be characterised by feelings of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. Telehealth offers an opportunity to provide perioperative support to surgical patients and overcome some of the barriers to accessing care. In order to inform the development of a telehealth support model for women undergoing breast cancer Author: Natasha Noble, Lisa Mackenzie, Mariko Carey, Anthony Proietto, Robert Sanson-Fisher, Gail Walker, Ju.