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Is a breast reduction right for me? If you feel your breast size is inhibiting a healthy lifestyle, breast reduction may help relieve your symptoms. Many patients choose breast reduction in order to achieve a greater sense of freedom in their physical activities, clothing styles, and to improve self-confidence.

Jul 29, 2019 · Michigan Breast Reduction Specialists. A Breast Reduction is a procedure that removes excess skin, fat, and sometimes glandular tissue to alleviate the pain and discomfort of oversize breasts and create a more natural appearance. At SurgeonGate, you can learn the risks and benefits of this life changing procedure and work with one of our specialized breast reduction surgeons in Southeast 5/5.

Breast Reduction Procedure. At our practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan, breast reduction is one of the most common procedures performed on the breast. Breast reduction may improve functional problems of excess breast size by: Reducing the excess size and weight of the breast. Removing excess breast tissue from within the breast.