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It seems pretty apparent that Mark had no virgin birth in mind. But just as Matthew and Luke felt they had to add stories of the virgin birth when expanding Mark, so do modern apologists insist on injecting the notion into Mark. They find their toehold in the story of Jesus returning to his home town and speaking in the synagogue (Mark 6:1-6).

Others will say the virgin birth isn’t important because there were so many miraculous births in the Old Testament. These include Isaac, Sampson, and among others, John the Baptist (remember, he was born under the Old Covenant, not under Christ’s New Covenant). But there is a difference between the birth of Jesus and the birth of these.

Aug 23, 2016 · “The notion that Jesus was born to a young Galilean girl who was still a virgin has proven to be one of the most objectionable and mocked beliefs of the Christian faith” (99), Michael Bird contends in his new book What Christians Ought to Believe.. Even a Christian pastor once suggested that it should make no difference to our faith if archaeologists found definitive, biological, DNA proof.