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This is one my favorite Bible Games for helping your Sunday School students learn to "follow" the Ten Commandments, and get to Jesus' grace! All you need is a copy of the Ten Commandments, some construction paper, and a dark crayon.

Free Ten Commandments games for children's ministry, Christian activities and other ideas for children and youth ministry. Free Ten Commandments Bible Games for Children's Ministry Get the Ten Commandments Video Come On Up, Moses Encourages players to memorize the commandments in correct order (from the Jewish ordering).

Oct 19, 2016 · Ten Commandments Hopscotch. I’ll make the hopscotch game out of masking tape; each square is numbered with one of the commandments. The students will toss a small stuffed animal onto the squares. They will have to name an action that would dishonor the commandment of the square in which the stuffed animal lands. Ten Commandments Pick-Up Sticks.