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On top of this, adult stepchildren with children of their own may also be resentful of the time the new stepparent takes away from their parent’s time with the grandkids. Unwilling to accept a new stepparent – Change typically brings discomfort, and accepting a new stepparent is, at the very least, an inconvenient proposition. Family.

Coping with Angry, Resentful Step-Children Anger is a normal, healthy emotion. As your step-child's parent, however, you are an influential adult in his or her life. As such, you have an immense opportunity and responsibility to help your angry step-child learn to cope with anger and express those feelings in ways that are positive and healthy.

Sep 20, 2006 · Adult Stepdaughter Still Resents Me After 20 Years. tlc1958 September 20, 2006. The more resentful and negative she becomes, the more her father doesn't want to call or communicate. As for the issue of gifts, I don't buy the "she doesn't remember the date" excuse. I tried repeatedly to give my new stepmother gifts.