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heavy cotton flat adult diapers

Adult Cloth Diapers. Our 100% cotton best adult cloth diapers have a variety of unique designs, as well as being super absorbent and genuine US-made by Gary®. Our incontinence diapers are designed for individuals with moderate to heavy urinary or bowel leakage.4.9/5.

Purity adult flat diapers are made from the same 100% Cotton gauze material we use to manufacture our adult prefold and contour diapers. With a well established reputation for it's superior absorbency and softness, our gauze diapers are widely recognized as the Ultimate in comfort and protection.4.2/5(5).

Flat diapers are all 100% cotton and 1 layer thick. Our diapers are generally thicker, softer and more absorbent than other branded flat diapers typically found in chain stores. Soft, durable Birdseye weave material white color. Birdseye prefold diapers are made of a 3.8/5(103).