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Literacy in Deaf Education deaf adult literacy

The Deaf Adult Literacy Services (DALS) are funded by the Department of Education and Skills and we provide classes for Deaf people all over Ireland. All our classes are taught by Deaf tutors using Irish Sign Language. We also provide classes for Hard of Hearing students. We provide day and evening courses for Deaf Adults nationwide.

Literacy in Deaf Education. The importance of teaching literacy to those who are deaf cannot be understated. Literacy is best defined as the ability to read, write, and possessing the knowledge to apply critical thinking skills to the written word.

If you’re looking for a program to improve your skills such as reading, writing, internet and computer use, employment-related topics, and communication using American Sign Language (ASL), DCS Adult Literacy is the place for you! To become independent and succeed in the workforce, the program provides individuals with a variety of useful tools.