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Characteristics of young adult lit. characteristics of young adults

Jan 16, 2017 · Young Adult literature is usually used to refer to fiction aimed at teenagers, that is, people from 12 to 18. However, the label has grown to include what is called "Middle Grade Literature", aimed at older children from 9 to 12, and "New Adult Literature", aimed at young adults from 18 to 30.These labels, though, are not stable boundaries. In order to see what category of Young Adult Author: Jane Bertin.

In this lesson, we'll cover characteristics common to young adult (YA) literature. We'll also explore the history of the young adult category, and discuss some books that might seem like, but are.

Provides an overview of the status of young adults ages 18 to 24, with particular attention to outcomes associated with the transition to adulthood including citizenship, educational achievement, disconnectedness, employment, and military service, as well as .