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adults adjusting to ear tubes

Jul 09, 2018 · Ear tubes are tiny tubes that allow air into the middle ear. Middle ear infections in babies, toddlers, and adults that don't resolve easily allows fluid to buildup in the ear tubes, which causes pressure within the tubes. Surgery, relieves the pressure and allows ventilation in the middle ear. Symptoms of ear tube problems are recurrent ear infections, hearing problems, or difficulties with.

Glue ear is a condition that occurs when the middle ear feels like it is filled with glue. This occurs when the eustachian tubes prevent free-flow of air into the middle ear due to congestion, which causes a difference in air pressure between the outer and inner ear.

An ear tube insertion is when a doctor inserts tiny tubes, known as tympanostomy tubes or grommets, into the eardrum to reduce the occurrence of ear infections and allow drainage of excess fluids Author: Colleen M. Story.