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adult victimization

Victimisation (or victimization) is the process of being victimised or becoming a victim. The field that studies the process, rates, incidence, The vulnerability to victimisation experienced as an adult is also not limited to sexual assault, and may include physical abuse as well.

Purpose. This paper is the first report of a prospective and long-term assessment of the relationship between childhood victimization and lifetime revictimization, using substantiated cases of childhood physical and sexual abuse and neglect from the years 1967 through 1971 and a comparison group matched on the basis of age, sex, race/ethnicity, and approximate family social class at the time.Cited by: 528.

victimization (including but not limited to rape), and that rape before age 18 is significantly correlated with adult rape among women. Stakeholders can target both primary and secondary prevention efforts at youth so as to prevent both initial and later adult sexual victimization. Desai, S., Arias, I., Thompson, M. P., & Basile, K. C. (2002).