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The pygmy marmoset is a non-seasonal breeder and usually gives birth to twins once or twice a year. However, single births occur 16% of the time and triplet births 8% of the time. The pygmy marmoset is usually monogamous though there is some variation within the species in terms of breeding systems.Class: Mammalia.

If you are searching for finger monkeys for sale or any monkeys for sale, this guide will help you.. Whether you are seeking to buy a pocket and small monkeys, marmoset, spider monkey, Capuchin, squirrel monkey, Tamarin, macaque or other primate animals as pets from a broker or a breeder.Author: Douglas Long.

Pygmy Marmoset Facts Finger monkeys were once held just at a few zoos till later when we started to have them at the house as pets. Even though in wild finger monkeys live an average of 15 years, when you have them in captivity (at home) they will reach an average of 17-20 years.Author: Douglas Long.