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Offender Public Information Search / Inmate Locator - Search by name or inmate ID for up-to-date information on North Carolina state prison inmates, probationers, and parolees. This database from the NC Department of Public Safety and the former NC Department of Correction contains historical information back to 1972. Does not include county jail information.

Types of crimes and offenders. The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office prosecutes all adult felony cases and all juvenile offenses. A felony is the most serious type of crime. It carries the potential sentence of at least one year and one day in state prison.

Difference Between Juvenile And Adult Justice Systems. The lawyers in either a juvenile or adult criminal court have the right to question and cross examine witnesses. Moreover, both juvenile and adult defendants are protected from self-incrimination. The juvenile justice system is designed to set underage offenders on a different path.