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Comet Anterior Gait Trainer - Adult, Walking, Designed for individuals with severe levels of spasticity and/or ataxia who can weight-bear, but lack control of their upper extremities. Variable resistance tabs control the speed of the trainer and help align asymmetrical gait patterns. Includes a seat harness and pelvic stabilizer. Ankle prompts prevent legs from scissoring and a positioning bar.

Adult Comet Black Anterior Gait Trainer by Wenzelite. The Wenzelite Comet Anterior Gait Trainer provides maximum support and safety. With sturdy construction and non-marring wheels this gait trainer is a great solution for your mobility needs.

About The Grillo, Gait Trainer The Grillo is a gait trainer designed for adults & kids who need support or a reference to step correctly using Anterior or Posterior frames. A wide bearing surface supports both the trunk and the pelvis to maintain the CENTER of GRAVITY during height adjustments.