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Games to Play at Church Gatherings for Adults. By: Bobbi Keffer. Updated On: September 29, 2017. Jesus calls fellowship to be one of the main purposes of the church, and most congregations agree that Christians do that well, until new faces appear. This game is an excellent get-to-know-you for new groups such as Bible studies, and works.

Adult Life Groups are where we do life together! These smaller groups are an essential part of helping everyone connect at Calvary and grow in faith together. ALGs meet at 8:30 and 11:15 AM on Sundays to study God’s Word, pray, and share the joys and challenges of life. We develop lasting friendships and enjoy real community.

Resources / Church / 25 Church Small Group Icebreakers and Activities Divide into groups with at least three people who have phones. The leader will call out picture categories, and the first team to locate a photo that matches on their phone must show the judge at the front of the room. Categories can include: pictures of feet, someone in Author: Julie David.